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As Andrei said, you could use Google Analytics and it works fine.
I'm using this method for my own website.
I wrote an article about, but it's in french. I still share this link

There the english version :
(it's a "private" page since the site is being translated)

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2017-03-29 5:43 GMT+02:00 Devin Acosta <devin at>:

> I am trying to get to where I can launch Varnish Cache in my environment.
> One of the challenges I guess that I am trying to figure out is that
> currently if a request is a HIT it never logs to the backend server the
> requests that it processed, therefore it messes up my Web Statistics. I see
> that I can use "varnishncsa" which will cause it log onto a file on the
> local machine that Varnish is running on, however is there a cleaner way to
> get my web statistics so that it's accurate, other than trying to pull logs
> from both the backend server and the varnish server and combine them
> together?
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