Any option to identify if a request is pass in browser headers.

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Thu May 18 08:56:14 CEST 2017

Hi All,

Following  is added in vcl-deliver section to identify if the content is
served from cache or from backend. Similarly is there an option that we can
identify if the request was a PASS


sub vcl_deliver {

  # Sometimes it's nice to see when content has been served from the cache.
  if (obj.hits > 0) {
    # If the object came from the cache, set an HTTP header to say so
    set resp.http.X-Cache = "HIT";
  } else {
    set resp.http.X-Cache = "MISS";

  # For security and asthetic reasons, remove some HTTP headers before
final delivery...
  remove resp.http.Server;
  remove resp.http.X-Powered-By;
  remove resp.http.Via;
  remove resp.http.X-Varnish;}

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