Unexplained Cache MISSes

Carlos Abalde carlos.abalde at gmail.com
Thu May 25 21:25:39 CEST 2017


Just in case this is useful, the 'vcl_hit{} returns miss without busy object' error is documented in https://github.com/varnishcache/varnish-cache/issues/1799 <https://github.com/varnishcache/varnish-cache/issues/1799>. It happens when obj.ttl + obj.grace > 0 and leaving 'vcl_hit' with 'return (miss)'. While the object is being re-fetched those errors will be logged because request coalescing won't work as expected for later requests of the same object. That means later requests will enter 'vcl_hit' and then will be handled as pass requests. Once the objet is re-fetched, further requests will behave as expected.


Carlos Abalde

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