Varnish 5.2.0 child panic

Johan Hendriks joh.hendriks at
Thu Nov 30 08:46:36 UTC 2017

Op 29/11/2017 om 19:11 schreef Hugues Alary:
> From the github bug report, it seems the bug was reported against 5.1
> and 4.1 is not affected (the reporter went back to 4.1, from 5.1). 
> @Guillaume, was "4.1" a typo?
> As for the possible resolution for this, it seems a patch was indeed
> written and merged in master, in which case I will wait for the next
> release and upgrade. 
> I don't think there's any real solution to avoid this bug until the
> next varnish release, but, if there is, I'd love to know since this
> happens quite regularly on my end.
> Thanks!
> -Hugues
Maybe you can cherry pick the patch and build varnish yourself by
patching the source.
If it affects you that much it is worth the try.

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