Ignore utm_* values with varnish?

Pinakee BIswas pinakee at waltzz.com
Thu Oct 12 11:56:09 UTC 2017


We are using varnish 4.1.2 for our website caching. We use bunch of 
standard query parameters (like utm*) to track the channels for our 
website visits - this is quite standard in the web world.

Can I 'ignore' query string variables before pulling matching objects 
from the cache, but not actually remove them from the URL to the end-user?

For example, all the marketing|utm_source|,|utm_campaign|,|utm_*|values 
don't change the content of the page, they just vary a lot from campaign 
to campaign and are used by all of our client-side tracking.

So this also means that the URL can't change on the client side, but it 
should somehow be 'normalized' in the cache.

Essentially I want all of these...




... to all access HIT the cache for|http://example.com/page/|

However, this URL would cause a MISS (because the param is not a utm_* 


Would trigger the cache for


Also, keeping in mind that the URL the user sees must remain the same, I 
can't redirect to something without params or any kind of solution like 

Would appreciate if you could help me with the above to increase the 
performance of our site.



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