How to install Varnish 6.0 on Ubuntu 17.10 or 18.04

Dridi Boukelmoune dridi at
Thu Apr 5 14:32:26 UTC 2018

> What are the dependencies for successfully building the vmods on Ubuntu 17.10? Is it only the "varnish-dev" package out of the packagecloud repository? Or do I need anything else?

I'm more a Fedora person myself so I may get the package names wrong,
but you need pkg-config, python >= 2.7 and python-docutils. When
building from git you also need the autotools (autoconf automake
libtool) that may be part of build-essential.

> Sorry for the questions, we are more webdevelopers than linux developers. Are there any plans to provide a varnish-modules package for 6.0?

We provide "dist" releases (autotools-independent source archives) and
we should get one soon. Regarding packages, we rely on downstream
distributors for this one.


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