VCL: returning early from a custom function

Cosimo Streppone cosimo at
Wed Apr 11 13:59:22 UTC 2018

Hi again,

two messages in a day after a few years :-)

I have code similar to the following (also here[1]):

    sub vcl_recv {
        call rate_limit;

    # Throttling based on request inspection
    sub rate_limit {

        if (req.url ~ "pattern1") {
           std.log("pattern1 requests must never be throttled");
           return; # <---- Need to return early here, but can't do it

        if (req.url ~ "pattern2") {
           if (vsthrottle.is_denied("pattern2" + client.identity, 100, 10s)) {
               std.log("pattern2 throttling for ip " + client.identity);
               return(synth(429, "ETOOMANYREQUESTS"));

        if (vsthrottle.is_denied("ip:" + client.identity, 500, 10s)) {
            std.log("global throttling for ip " + client.identity);
            return(synth(429, "ETOOMANYREQUESTS"));


Ideally, I'd like to return early from rate_limit() when I know that I don't need
to enforce any rate limiting for some types of requests, but I understand
that's not implemented.

I found some alternatives, though generally they feel uglier.
Any ideas?



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