Varnish Memory usage increase

Pinakee BIswas pinakee at
Wed Feb 7 12:34:50 UTC 2018


We have been using varnish since more than a year for our ecommerce site.

Current version is 4.1.8.

OS is Linux. RAM is 8GB.

I am observing that the varnish memory usage is increasing (right now 
7%) and so is resident memory usage increasing.

The storage being used is file:

-s file,/tmp/varnish/,${storage}

I am not sure about the reason for the increase in varnish memory usage:

  * Is there a way to limit the varnish memory usage?
  * How can I diagnose what is consuming memory?
  * Most of our web pages have maximum 2 days of cache. Also, some of
    the pages might be least visited.
  * Is there a way to manipulate varnish mmap (when file storage is used)?

Would appreciate any help on the above for efficient use of varnish.



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