Varnish subroutines return type different from 3.x

Prem Kumar at
Wed Jan 3 14:37:10 UTC 2018

Hi All,

Is there is any reason why subroutines return type changes from "static
int" to "void" in varnish.
During compilation of  VCL to C code, all the function return type as void
instead of static int before.

Can you please help if there a way I can return status code from

vcc_ParseFunction(struct vcc *tl)


 Fh(tl, 0, "void %s(VRT_CTX);\n", sym->rname);
                Fc(tl, 1, "\nvoid __match_proto__(vcl_func_t)\n");
                Fc(tl, 1, "%s(VRT_CTX)\n", sym->rname);

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