sqlish queries for cache invalidation?

Alexandros Kechagias alexandros.kechagias at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 10:29:51 UTC 2018

> So if you need complex expressions and are ready to give up the
> real-time nature of xkey purges, you can reuse whatever headers (xkey
> supports a couple) that contain your invalidation keys and issue bans
> instead:
>     ban obj.http.xkey ~ project2 && obj.http.xkey ~ inst6

That's what i am going to do.

>    * ``==``: *<field>* and *<arg>* are equal strings (case sensitive)
>    * ``!=``: *<field>* and *<arg>* are unequal strings (case sensitive)
>    * ``~``: *<field>* matches the regular expression *<arg>*
>    * ``!~``:*<field>* does not match the regular expression *<arg>*
>should suffice to implement arbitrary logic based on
>    * ``req.url``: The request url
>    * ``req.http.*``: Any request header
>    * ``obj.status``: The cache object status
>    * ``obj.http.*``: Any cache object header

Ok, now i get that too.

I think I have to improve my understanding of varnish.
I didn't knew that I can access the all the data that xkey uses to tag the

Thanks a bunch for your time guys, this really helped.
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