Scheduled Purge/BAN request

Md. Golam Hossain mghhimu at
Mon Jun 4 08:25:18 UTC 2018

A purge request normally purges the requested object from cache whenever
the request arrives. Is it possible to set a time for a purge request, i.e:
evict the object 1hr after the request arrives?

Besides, ban_lurker sleeps for the time being that is specified in
ban_lurker_sleep to recheck the ban list and evict banned objects from
cache. Is there any way to set ban lurker sleep time to each ban request?
Adding to that the default value for ban_lurker_sleep is 0.01s, so the
thread responsible for checking the ban list and removing banned object
from cache seems to become active much frequently, I know this default
value is the recommended value, but what should one keep in mind while
picking a value for this?

Thanks in advance
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