503 (Service Unavailable) from Varnish on POST request using Digest Authentication

Sergio Rus sergio at sergiorus.com
Fri May 11 14:38:48 UTC 2018

Varnish 3 is quite old, I know. But it's still supported by Ubuntu 14 LTS.
That's why I'm still using it. I will move to a recent version soon.

In regards to the issue, I don't have any return(error) in the VCL I wrote.
So maybe it's coming from somewhere in the default VCL?

I read about those parameters you mentioned already, and even increased
them just for testing, but didn't work at that time, testing bigger files.
So in any case that would be a partial solution, because it would fail at
some point with larger payloads. I'm currently using the default values for
those parameters, 8K, which is very close to the threshold I manually found
in the logs I posted. If you see the payload size, it's nearly 8K. Only
adding or removing a few bytes in the payload changes the behaviour in
Varnish. But the headers size in any case is the same, so that's why I
don't understand what's happening. The payload size seems to be affecting

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