Varnish 4 Performance Issues

Junaid Mukhtar junaid.mukhtar at
Thu Sep 20 14:54:41 UTC 2018

Below is the output; all of them are default except i was trying to up the
threads_pool to 4 but didn't feel any imporvement in performance degradation

accept_filter              off [bool] (default)
acceptor_sleep_decay       0.9 (default)
acceptor_sleep_incr        0.000 [seconds] (default)
acceptor_sleep_max         0.050 [seconds] (default)
auto_restart               on [bool] (default)
backend_idle_timeout       60.000 [seconds] (default)
ban_dups                   on [bool] (default)
ban_lurker_age             60.000 [seconds] (default)
ban_lurker_batch           1000 (default)
ban_lurker_sleep           0.010 [seconds] (default)
between_bytes_timeout      60.000 [seconds] (default)
cc_command                 "exec gcc -std=gnu99  -O2 -g
-Wp,-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=0 -Wall -Werror -pthread -fpic -shared -Wl,-x -o %o
%s" (default)
cli_buffer                 8k [bytes] (default)
cli_limit                  48k [bytes] (default)
cli_timeout                60.000 [seconds] (default)
clock_skew                 10 [seconds] (default)
clock_step                 1.000 [seconds] (default)
connect_timeout            3.500 [seconds] (default)
critbit_cooloff            180.000 [seconds] (default)
debug                      none (default)
default_grace              10.000 [seconds] (default)
default_keep               0.000 [seconds] (default)
default_ttl                120.000 [seconds] (default)
feature                    none (default)
fetch_chunksize            16k [bytes] (default)
fetch_maxchunksize         0.25G [bytes] (default)
first_byte_timeout         60.000 [seconds] (default)
gzip_buffer                32k [bytes] (default)
gzip_level                 6 (default)
gzip_memlevel              8 (default)
http_gzip_support          on [bool] (default)
http_max_hdr               64 [header lines] (default)
http_range_support         on [bool] (default)
http_req_hdr_len           8k [bytes] (default)
http_req_size              32k [bytes] (default)
http_resp_hdr_len          8k [bytes] (default)
http_resp_size             32k [bytes] (default)
idle_send_timeout          60.000 [seconds] (default)
listen_depth               1024 [connections] (default)
lru_interval               2.000 [seconds] (default)
max_esi_depth              5 [levels] (default)
max_restarts               4 [restarts] (default)
max_retries                4 [retries] (default)
nuke_limit                 50 [allocations] (default)
pcre_match_limit           10000 (default)
pcre_match_limit_recursion 20 (default)
ping_interval              3 [seconds] (default)
pipe_timeout               60.000 [seconds] (default)
pool_req                   10,100,10 (default)
pool_sess                  10,100,10 (default)
pool_vbo                   10,100,10 (default)
prefer_ipv6                off [bool] (default)
rush_exponent              3 [requests per request] (default)
send_timeout               600.000 [seconds] (default)
session_max                100000 [sessions] (default)
shm_reclen                 255b [bytes] (default)
shortlived                 10.000 [seconds] (default)
sigsegv_handler            on [bool] (default)
syslog_cli_traffic         on [bool] (default)
tcp_fastopen               off [bool] (default)
tcp_keepalive_intvl        75.000 [seconds] (default)
tcp_keepalive_probes       9 [probes] (default)
tcp_keepalive_time         7200.000 [seconds] (default)
thread_pool_add_delay      0.000 [seconds] (default)
thread_pool_destroy_delay  1.000 [seconds] (default)
thread_pool_fail_delay     0.200 [seconds] (default)
thread_pool_max            5000 [threads] (default)
thread_pool_min            100 [threads] (default)
thread_pool_reserve        0 [threads] (default)
thread_pool_stack          48k [bytes] (default)
thread_pool_timeout        300.000 [seconds] (default)
thread_pools               2 [pools] (default)
thread_queue_limit         20 (default)
thread_stats_rate          10 [requests] (default)
timeout_idle               5.000 [seconds] (default)
timeout_linger             0.050 [seconds] (default)
vcc_allow_inline_c         off [bool] (default)
vcc_err_unref              on [bool] (default)
vcc_unsafe_path            on [bool] (default)
vcl_cooldown               600.000 [seconds] (default)
vcl_dir                    /etc/varnish (default)
vmod_dir                   /usr/lib64/varnish/vmods (default)
vsl_buffer                 4k [bytes] (default)
vsl_mask                   -VCL_trace,-WorkThread,-Hash,-VfpAcct (default)
vsl_reclen                 255b [bytes] (default)
vsl_space                  80M [bytes] (default)
vsm_free_cooldown          60.000 [seconds] (default)
vsm_space                  1M [bytes] (default)
workspace_backend          64k [bytes] (default)
workspace_client           64k [bytes] (default)
workspace_session          0.50k [bytes] (default)
workspace_thread           2k [bytes] (default)


On Thu, Sep 20, 2018 at 3:37 PM Dridi Boukelmoune <dridi at> wrote:

> On Thu, Sep 20, 2018 at 4:14 PM Junaid Mukhtar <junaid.mukhtar at>
> wrote:
> >
> > Hi
> >
> > we are in middle of upgrading from varnish 3.0.7 to varnish 4.1.10; but
> unfortunately all of the response times in the performance test are
> indicating an increase of at least 100%
> >
> > We have analyzed the logs and everything but can't get around this; the
> issue is not only for the non-cached pages but it's also impacting the
> cached pages. We are also struggling to analyze it further as well, any
> guidenace as to what we can do in terms of putting debug logging in would
> be helpful.
> >
> > One of the areas we are considering is to output response times, but
> it's proving difficult for me. Any suggestions
> Hello,
> What is the output of `varnishadm` ?
> Dridi
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