Monitoring of cached/uncached/pass bandwitdh

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Fri Apr 19 10:46:41 UTC 2019


this is data that needs to be post-processed, I'm pretty sure you can do
this via kibana and the like. There's a Varnish Enterprise solution with
Varnish Custom Statistic that allow you to see bandwitdh per HIT/MISS/PASS
but also url/domain and the like.

in short: it's an external tool, and I don't know any free one, sorry

Guillaume Quintard

On Thu, Apr 18, 2019 at 12:46 PM Alexandre Thaveau <
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> Hi Everybody,
> i submitted another thread yesterday on the ML where i was working on
> hit/miss/pass rate statistics on my varnish server. I would also like to
> know if it was possible to monitor varnish bandwitdth with the same
> categorization :
> - varnish bandwith in HIT category
> - varnish bandwith in MISS category
> - varnish bandwith in PASS category
> I already had a look on varnishstat, my prometheus exporter and google but
> did no find anything about this.
> Thanks again !
> Alex
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