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Just a smal question. Is it possible to temporarily send  a specific http  errorcode back (e.g. http 429) to an  ip from varnish using the commandline client (or by any other means) without restarting varnish?
Consider this scenario:
A varnish cluster is running nicely. Among other things it also gives access to a set of developer api’s.
Not all programmers are equally skilled so sometimes it happens that a programmer creates a loop that is flooding the platform.
At this moment I use fail2ban to just block it in iptables and unblock it after 10 minutes.
However I would prefer instead of blocking it that I can just reroute the requests of this ip temporarily to an errorpage which returns http 429 (which as statuscode also should be returned bij Varnish)
Important with this is than that no varnish restarts are required.

Any ideas?

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