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Thnx for you reply.
Anther question that pops in mind then. Can vcl's include other files?

Regards, Eric

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In message <AM6PR01MB4279CC64CEDED17494222A8AA0A50 at>, eric.m.vandenhout at writes:

> Just a smal question. Is it possible to temporarily send  a specific 
> http  errorcode back (e.g. http 429) to an  ip from varnish using the 
> commandline client (or by any other means) without restarting varnish?


Add the necessary code to your VCL, switch to the new VCL.  This is an instant operation which does not affect your cache content.

Something like:

	vi/emacs/ed  whatever_your.vcl


	varnishadm vcl.load somename /full/path/to/whatever_your.vcl

	varnishadm vcl.use somename

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