varnish as general purpose web cache

Sven Oehme oehmes at
Sun Nov 3 16:27:36 UTC 2019


i am trying to setup a caching proxy for my entire wifi. my router has
the capabilities to force redirect all http requests to a proxy
server. reason is i have a larger number of hosts behind this wifi
network which access the same content and i try to minimize bandwidth
utilization for my WAN. unfortunate the access is not to a small
number of hosts, but rather a very large number of destinations.
i installed varnish and tried to set this up, but all examples i found
are to configure it to speed up access to a certain backend host, i
don't want that, i try to proxy/cache content to everything
destination that goes trough varnish. any suggestions on how to set
this up ?

thx. Sven

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