PSA: Buster support for weeklies

Guillaume Quintard guillaume at
Tue Oct 22 05:30:42 UTC 2019

Hello everyone,

TL;DR: there are buster weeklies, please test so we can soo have official
support for regular releases. Get them here:

This has been a frequently asked question since the Debian Buster
release,so I wanted to report progress on the "where are the buster
packages front?".

The weeklies are historically produced by Varnish Software's Jenkins
systems, but these last few days we have been working on migrating these
jobs to CircleCI, meaning that the CI pipeline is now open to everyone:

Note that we get now packages for every commit, but we also distcheck on a
few distributions, if you have sensible additions to these, well, the
.circle/config.yml file lives in the varnish-cache repo, so, PRs are

Regarding packages, the goal is to push them as weeklies for a few...weeks,
to gather feedback before gaining official support. So you are definitely
encouraged to test these out:
We are notably very interested in feedback regarding the memory usage. In
Buster, our allocator, JEMalloc is now at version 5, so a lot has changed,
and some configuration may need tweaking.

Once we are confident that both our dependencies and the packaging ( is solid, we'll package
regular releases for buster.

Go and try them out!

Guillaume Quintard
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