Serve cached object without assembling ESI?

Guillaume Quintard guillaume at
Sun Sep 15 06:28:41 UTC 2019

Hi Danila,

Check "man vcl", specifically beresp.do_esi and resp.do_esi.

>From what I understand, you want to always enable the former, and only
enable the latter conditionally. For example, the edges could add a header
"varnish-edge-token" to their request to the primary varnish, and you could
have that VCL there:

sub vcl_deliver {
  if (req.http.varnish-edge-token == "MYTOKEN") {
    set resp.do_esi = false;

Should be fairly straightforward.


Guillaume Quintard

On Sun, Sep 15, 2019 at 12:19 AM Danila Vershinin <ciapnz at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to understand whether it's feasible to build a CDN of Varnish
> instances, whose primary origin(backend) is a  Varnish instance which
> processes an ESI-capable app.
> So basically:
> USA visitor -> Varnish USA -> Varnish primary -> THE APP with ESI blocks
> RUS visitor -> Varnish RUS -> Varnish primary -> THE APP with ESI blocks
> CAN -> Varnish primary -> THE APP with ESI blocks
> The APP emits HTML with ESI tags for different blocks, and sure enough,
> those have different cache policies.
> If a request arrives to an edge Varnish, I want it to talk to the primary
> Varnish  (so as to cache on the edge against a primary cache), but this
> "Varnish primary" serves the content with ESI already assembled. Thus there
> is no telling, how long we should cache that full page HTML on the edges.
> Q: Is there a magic way to instruct the primary Varnish to not do ESI
> processing on the content that was *already cached* ??
> Meaning keep things as usual if request arrives directly to primary
> Varnish (ESI on), but receive non-assembled HTML (with esi tags inside)
> otherwise, so that edges can do assembling themselves, and thus cache
> things on the edge with proper TTLs for blocks.
> Or I just have to resort to completely disabling do_esi on the primary
> server? Which I could do, but that must mean that the primary Varnish
> cannot serve visitors directly (= loosing the edge location with lowest
> latency to nearby users).
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