Varnish Health check

Christian Nölle noelle at
Thu Feb 18 15:08:10 UTC 2021

Hi everybody,

Am 18.02.2021 um 16:00 schrieb Guillaume Quintard:

>> I want to adjust health check on my varnish backends, But I dont know
>> how can I know they are healthy or not

> The answer will be highly dependent on your setup, usually you want
> to find a probe request that will truly test the backend. One option,
> if you have control over the backend is to write a page to test the 
> subsystem and make sure everybody's up.

True. It definitely is important to have a close look at the system that 
you are performing the health check on.

We are running a php based cms and are running a health check on a small 
script. That script is testing if there is an active db, if the 
rendering engine of the cms is responding and if everthing is fine. it 
is returning a "1". If not, it will exit and the probe fails, rendering 
the backend as sick.


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