Varnish Dynamic Page Caching & Cache Purging vs Nginx+Redis

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Varnish provides ESI (Edge Side Includes). By using ESI you can split your pages in static parts (cachable) and dynamic parts (not cacheable). Each ESI can be cached with different rules. In my opinion, it makes no sense to use redis as an HTTP cache. I see the task of redis mainly as an object cache in the backend.


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Hello all,
   I am quite new to Varnish.  I have been reading about both Varnish and Nginx+Redis for page caching, and I am particularly interested in dynamic caching and cache purging.  I have read in a number of posts that Varnish is "more flexible" in this regard, but without many additional details on this.  Can you please explain what features Varnish provides for dynamic page caching and cache purging, especially which are not available (or are more limited) in Nginx+Redis?  Please forgive me if my question is very basic/ignorant.  As I said, I am new to Varnish.

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