PSA: varnish-modules packages for arch and alpine

Guillaume Quintard guillaume.quintard at
Sat Sep 4 22:06:17 UTC 2021

Hi everyone,

Here's a short email to let you know that the varnish-modules[1] collection
is now available in the AUR[2] and on alpine testing[3]. Those two join the
existing varnish-module packages for Fedora[4] (if someone wants to package
for Debian, let me know!).

Those packages are fresh out of the oven, so if there is any issue, please
report it either on the AUR page, the Alpine gitlab or directly on the
varnish-module github page.

*# Alpine instructions*

Activate the testing repository in the configuration file, or just do it as
a one-shot in the command line:

    apk add --no-cache -X

*# Arch instructions*

If you already have an AUR-capable package manager[5] such as yay or
yaourt, you can install it directly:

   yay -Sy varnish-modules

Otherwise, build it yourself:

   sudo pacman -Sy git base-devel
   git clone
   cd varnish-modules/
   makepkg -frisc

Have a great week-end!


Guillaume Quintard
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