Confusion about LTS versions. Any comprehensive documentation regarding everything LTS?

Batanun B batanun at
Wed Mar 2 17:17:59 UTC 2022

Hi Guillaume,

Well, not really. It is a snapshot of the state almost two years ago, and I expected some page where the information is kept up-to-date. And LTS is only mentioned two times in that email, not answering any of my LTS questions.

Is there an up-to-date list of _all_ LTS versions (down to the minor version number)? Now I have no idea how to check if 6.2.1-2 is LTS or not.

Is an LTS version just saying that "version x.y.z is LTS"? Or are the LTS versions completely separate from the non-LTS versions? As in, can there exist an LTS version 1.2.3 and a non-LTS 1.2.3 which does not contain the same thing?

Any info on upcoming LTS versions? I'm specifically interested in new non-minor versions, like 6.6 or 7.0.
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