Happy New Varnish Year!

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at phk.freebsd.dk
Sun Jan 2 23:17:53 CET 2011

A quick news-letter from your varnish-coder, on the occation of the
new year:

1. The 3rd Varnish User Group meeting (VUG3)

VUG3 will take place in Amsterdam on February 14 & 15 2010

Tom-Tom has kindly offered to host the meeting.  If you arrive late
and say "I couldn't find it", you will be mocked.

Sign up at:

Ask for wiki bit in the IRC channel if you don't have one.

There are only 9 seats left at this point.

2. Varnish 3.0 boiling in the pot

I won't bore you with how I lost my December, but I'm be working
furiously on finishing Varnish 3.0 so we can tell you all about it
at the VUG3.

Some of you spotted a gzip library being committed during X-mas,
you know what that means.

3. Varnish Moral Licenses

Funding looks good.  A big THANKYOU to the companies which have
taken out a license.

After five years (see below) I have finally adjusted my hourly rate
to the inflation.  Next thing you know I will update my home-page too.

Follow the status of the Varnish Moral License here:

Also a big thanks for the X-mas gifts from my Amazon wishlist:

Should I mention my birthday is jan 20 ?  Nahhh... :-)

4. Who put 545k websites on Varnish in December ?

"Varnish gained 545k hostnames":

I'd love to hear the story behind that, drop me an email if
you know it.

5. Varnish is five years old about now

Not that any code had been written at that point but I spent quality
time with blank paper and a sharp pencils during the first months
of 2006 and I'm pleased to say that I had absolutely no idea how
far reaching those doodles would become.

We'll raise a glass to the occasion in Amsterdam.

In the meantime:  May your hitrate be good,


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