[Varnish] #102: RES_WriteObj() does not send body for POST

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#102: RES_WriteObj() does not send body for POST
 Reporter:  des       |       Owner:  phk  
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Component:  varnishd  |     Version:  trunk
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 When handling certain AJAX applications, it is sometimes desirable to
 cache objects requested with {{{POST}}}, because some AJAX code uses
 {{{POST}}} instead of {{{GET}}} to work around caching issues in MSIE (see

 This can be achieved with the following piece of VCL:

 sub vcl_recv {
         if (req.request == "POST" &&
             (!req.http.content-length || req.http.content-length == "0"))

 Unfortunately, this does not work, because {{{RES_WriteObj()}}} only
 writes out the contents of the object if {{{sp->wantbody}}} is non-zero,
 and {{{sp->wantbody}}} is set to 1 in only one place, in {{{cnt_recv()}}}:

         sp->wantbody = !strcmp(sp->http->hd[HTTP_HDR_REQ].b, "GET");

 A quick fix is to set {{{sp->wantbody}}} to 1 also for {{{POST}}}:

         sp->wantbody = (!strcmp(sp->http->hd[HTTP_HDR_REQ].b, "GET") ||
             !strcmp(sp->http->hd[HTTP_HDR_REQ].b, "POST"));

 A better long-term fix is to allow {{{sp->wantbody}}} to be manipulated
 from VCL code, and move this logic to the default configuration (where it
 can be overriden by the user).

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