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#291: Default.vcl
 Reporter:  The_ZoRo       |       Owner:  des  
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 After a svn co  and a make I end up with this:






 Is there any reason why Varnish needs to have 4(!) defualt.vcl files
 spread around the filesystem? and if so, why?
 My two cents: have one file and make links (or something else) to it where
 there are different files now.
 OR just have one file called default.vcl and rename the other to something
 more describing: Examples ''doc-default.vcl'', ''run-default.vcl''
 As it is right now I don't see a reason for the ''etc'' and ''bin'' files.

 Also, it would make it much easier for new people to get up to speed with
 only one or two files and instructions on how to edit the defualt
 /whatever-it's-called.vcl file to get a running system up at 3AM when
 something else breaks.


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