[Varnish] #292: Connection header delete-flags can get out of sync with headers.

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Tue Aug 19 21:27:16 CEST 2008

#292: Connection header delete-flags can get out of sync with headers.
 Reporter:  phk     |       Owner:  phk                      
     Type:  defect  |      Status:  new                      
 Priority:  normal  |   Milestone:  Varnish 2.0 code complete
Component:  build   |     Version:  trunk                    
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 From:    Adrian Otto <aotto at mosso.com>
 Subject: Re: Bug in 1.1.2: Multiple headers stripped (oops)
 To:      varnish-dev at projects.linpro.no

 I found the reason why I hit this bug, but I need some tips to
 understand how to debug what's happening in the VCL code. First, I'll
 explain the bug:

 1) My default.vcl is configured to strip the Cookie header in
 vcl_recv like this:

 sub vcl_recv {
          if(req.http.Cookie) {
                  remove req.http.Cookie;

 2) The Connection header sent from the client browser specified that
 the "TE" header should be stripped, and was so marked in position 13
 of http_DoConnection::hp->hdf, indicating that header at index 13
 should be skipped when headers are copied into the backend request.

 3) The VCL code ran to strip the cookie header, removed it, and
 shifted the other elements in the array UP one position. The Host
 header followed TE at position/index 14, and became position/index 13.

 4) The code for copying/morphing the client request to the backend
 ran, and skipped position/index 13, which was the Host header.

 5) Varnish kindly noticed that there was no Host header present in
 the backend connection, and added one of it's own using the IP
 address of the backend server as the content of that header.

 6) The incorrect document was fetched for the backend because the
 Host header was not correct.

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