[Varnish] #386: Varnish sometimes fails to insert ESI snippet

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Mon Nov 24 11:58:36 CET 2008

#386: Varnish sometimes fails to insert ESI snippet
 Reporter:  peter  |        Type:  defect
   Status:  new    |    Priority:  normal
Milestone:         |   Component:  build 
  Version:  2.0    |    Severity:  normal
 Keywords:         |  
 We are using the ESI support from Varnish 2.0.2 to insert 2 ESI snippets
 in a certain page. 98% of the time this works perfectly, but sometimes
 instead of the snippet nothing is inserted. However there is no log of any
 error whatsoever.

 The snippets and the main page are all plain HTML files served by an
 Apache server. At the time of failure there are no other requests of other
 users on the webserver. A page that at a given time fails can succeed at
 another time. Sometimes a user will see failure after failure while
 another user can't reproduce other times the same user can't reproduce at

 We did some logging using Varnishlog of one the failed request. From the
 logs we can see that Varnish does detect the ESI includes, does the
 requests and even parses the results to checked for nested ESI includes.
 However the resulting page doesn't contain the includes, so it doesn't
 seem a problem of retrieving the snippet. Also when after a failure we try
 to retrieve the snippet directly we see that it has an age which goes back
 to the time we requested the snippet as part of the main page.

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