[Varnish] #385: Pluggable cache engines

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#385: Pluggable cache engines
 Reporter:  eugaia       |        Owner:  phk    
     Type:  enhancement  |       Status:  closed 
 Priority:  lowest       |    Milestone:         
Component:  varnishd     |      Version:  trunk  
 Severity:  minor        |   Resolution:  wontfix
 Keywords:               |  
Changes (by phk):

  * status:  new => closed
  * resolution:  => wontfix


 The principle has been pondered, but the advantage seems speculative.

 The overhead of socket communications to another thread is very high,
 compared to direct VM access.

 But selection of the storage backends from VCL might happen as part of
 persistent storage.

 This does not really belong in a ticket, stuff like this should go in the
 post-2.0 wiki page, so I'm closing this ticket.

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