[Varnish] #540: X-Forwarded-For created and not appended.

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Fri Aug 14 17:47:26 CEST 2009

#540: X-Forwarded-For created and not appended.
 Reporter:  bmfurtado  |        Type:  defect
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 On our infrastructure we have a reverse-proxy/connection multiplexer
 (Juniper DX3600) in front of our varnish cluster.

 Today I was trying to figure out why the X-Forwarded-For our backend
 servers were getting was not including the original client's ip...

 After some debugging I discovered that Varnish was in fact ignoring the
 previously existing X-Forwarded-For header and adding a new one of its

 I have attached the output of 1 request taken from "varnishlog -b" and as
 you can see, on line 13 we have the X-Forwarded-For header coming from the
 DX and on line 15 the one varnish added.

 I don't think this is the expected behaviour...

 Thanks in advance.

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