[Varnish] #659: Varnish hcb_cleaner asset crash

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Mon Dec 27 20:55:20 CET 2010

#659: Varnish hcb_cleaner asset crash
  Reporter:  victori     |        Type:  defect
    Status:  closed      |    Priority:  normal
 Milestone:              |   Component:  build 
   Version:  trunk       |    Severity:  normal
Resolution:  worksforme  |    Keywords:        

Comment(by harm):

 I'm seeing this crash every ~42 hours.

 I'm not sure if more ppl are seeing this problem, but it looks that the
 current version in ubuntu LTS is not up to par ?  As ubuntu LTS is quite
 popular, maybe a fix is worth pushing downstream ?

 What is the appropriate path to get a fix for this pushed to ubuntu 10.04
 LTS ?

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