[Varnish] #659: Varnish hcb_cleaner asset crash

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Tue Dec 28 04:16:35 CET 2010

#659: Varnish hcb_cleaner asset crash
  Reporter:  victori     |        Type:  defect
    Status:  closed      |    Priority:  normal
 Milestone:              |   Component:  build 
   Version:  trunk       |    Severity:  normal
Resolution:  worksforme  |    Keywords:        

Comment(by kristian):

 Please don't use the bug tracker for general discussion. This issue is
 resolved and whatever Ubuntu does with regards to backporting fixes is not
 a topic of discussion in the upstream bug tracker. You'll have to take
 that up with Ubuntu - or at the very least use a mailing list (we have

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