[Varnish] #653: TCP connections are not closed properly

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Fri Feb 26 16:44:44 CET 2010

#653: TCP connections are not closed properly
 Reporter:  Sesse  |        Type:  defect
   Status:  new    |    Priority:  normal
Milestone:         |   Component:  build 
  Version:  trunk  |    Severity:  normal
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 For some reason Varnish uses RST packets instead of FIN to close
 connections. This is a problem because:

 a) It breaks if packets are delivered out-of-order.
 b) It's contrary to ordinary TCP best practices.
 c) It confuses some client-side NATs; in particular, some Juniper
 implementations, which end up thinking the connection is still alive and
 sending bogus packets to both sides to revalidate it.

 Please, at the very least, add an option for using the normal close() FIN

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