[Varnish] #654: VCL with Embeded C

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Fri Feb 26 17:37:08 CET 2010

#654: VCL with Embeded C
 Reporter:  MosheKaplan          |        Type:  defect
   Status:  new                  |    Priority:  normal
Milestone:  Varnish 2.1 release  |   Component:  build 
  Version:  2.0                  |    Severity:  normal
 Keywords:                       |  
 I'm using Varnish 2.0.6

 I installed the version on Fedora 8 and started it successfuly using a
 simple configuration adding google.com as my backend server.

 I successed as well in embedding a simple Embeded C inside the vcl_recv

 However when I tried to add simple code (both #include and/or global
 variables) outside the vcl functions, I received the following error:
 Expected 'acl', 'sub' or 'backend', found C{ ... }C at
 (/etc/varnish/default.vcl Line 5 Pos 1)

 This is the VCL file:
 backend default {
 set backend.host = "www.google.com"; set backend.port = "80";

 int j;

 sub vcl_recv {
         int i = 0;

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