[Varnish] #1158: graced objects serve very old objects

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Tue Jun 26 12:55:29 CEST 2012

#1158: graced objects serve very old objects
 Reporter:  nicholas  |        Type:  enhancement
   Status:  new       |    Priority:  normal     
Milestone:            |   Component:  varnishd   
  Version:  3.0.2     |    Severity:  normal     
 Keywords:  grace     |  

Comment(by nicholas):

 Looks like we've figured out whats going on: our ban regime bans on Cache-
 Control headers, while error messages for specific url's don't have Cache-
 Control headers, and so the errors are the only objects available to us.

 vcl looks like this:
 ban("obj.http.cache-control ~ group=" + {"""} + req.url + {"""});

 Incoming "purge" requests looks like "PURGE http://localhost/art6123639"
 for article 6123639 in all it's varieties on all kinds of pages.

 Any way to combine ban + keeping objects for grace? Or redoing the logic
 to use purge() against Cache-Control headers?

 All parts of the purge-regime is self-made, so hints at doing it again to
 get it right is also appreciated.


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