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#1424: skin jhinga lala
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 not a halfbad makeup days it's what I have bad game day cell yeah I hope
 he's enjoyed my little nighthi gate routine don't forget to gather
 description blast at a low for all of it information all the details and a
 half lead to[http://goarticles.com/article/Skin-Care-and-Feel-
 Good/8382738/  AURAVIE] some products and nasty right down exactly yeah
 I'm address thanks to our high-fate write down a list of all fights aids
 from a tight asking carotenes said yes they see create guys thank you so
 much for watching and okay fail everybody its Angie and today's video
 isgonna be on my current skincare routine now I posted video a few months
 ago about my how my skin care routine was going to be changing the reason
 I wagons be changing is that on I realize that I was probably not doing
 the best things form skin for my page my stage in life can the problem is
 that wanted to take care of and really the way I was on 2nd it'sgoing
 under you can hold China where was I um yeah what I realized about my
 skincare routine is that I wasn't really giving a lot of thought and I was
 just going around not doing a lotof research doing things that people
 suggested that do om weather is because they're trying to sell me a
 service or you know they thought I would have good results with it but I
 wasn't doing the research myself what decided to do back in October when I
 posted that videoremember was to really do a lot of research and look
 carefully into with the products that I need at thispoint and two pursue
 those rather than just do it waskinda scattershot thing where I would be
 you know flipping Agassi agency and for something that looks curse that
 looks fantastic in a sense I'm going to be more useful if I use it so I'll
 run outand get that's how I was doing it that's fine to do when you were
 in your twenties and thirties and even I want to say your early
 fortiespress your body has its own internal clock ourselves know

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