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#1425: skin care proper
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 building up with the right name for a couple months now let's start with
 ohm I wake up in the morning and what do Idol my face usually I look at it
 in America %uh got hits why is the Crypt Keeper looking back at me I tell
 you the [http://goarticles.com/article/Skin-Care-and-Feel-Good/8382738/
 AURAVIE] morning is the worst time to look your it's always horrified by
 that I get the shower and I wash my face my a dermatologist recommended
 this line of products com Sarah b and this is what the face wash looks
 like put on the glasses and yes it's surmise and hyaluronic acid alright
 and so this is inexpensive you buy this is the drug store and it's
 probably twelve dollars for this big thing itsoMG 12 fluid ounces so this
 is a terrific bargain ohm and you know you just need one pulpit and it's a
 nice sealed container it's very neat tidbit’s very moisturizing now the
 reason it has high Laurent acidic it is because this is one of the
 compounds that has been shown to attract water and it attracts like a
 thousand times it swat in water and holds it so the number one thing that
 you can door your skin aside from where some sun block every day is to
 keep it hydrated this cleanser does not follow up and I love that about it
 because I feel like at this age anything that phones has a detergent in it
 and any detergents going to be stripping your skin and I don't mean that
 get my skin clean especially when I watched it so thoroughly at night so
 in the morning it doesn't really have a cleaning so because

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