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#1426: skin jhinga lala
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 use this I take my dropper I put one property squeeze your fingers
 together really tight cut this is liquid in it slides right not so squeeze
 your fingers [http://goarticles.com/article/Skin-Care-and-Feel-
 Good/8382738/ AURAVIE] together really tight put one drop their weather
 around rub it all over your face avoiding of course the com your eyes and
 your I orbital bone area and you know the corners of your mouth whatever
 extra I have I wrote down my neck I take another drought for I do my chest
 and I do that explains there right away you don't have to wait you can put
 on you are Voice Tracer now in the wintertime it’s so dry here that I'm
 using a stick creamy moisturizing during the day which you is usually my
 nighttime moisturizer for doing this summer but this is the one Olay
 Regenerate micro sculpting cream and this is really nice thick the Voice
 Tracer this is a one ounce jar think and I buy this a Costco there’s two
 jars in there about 30 thirty dollars thirty one dollars 1.7ounce jar so
 to these for 30 so I 15 bucks peace on this is a terrific moisturizer I
 love it on it goes on release okayed slid and I just next night skin feel
 quenched and you know kind of popped up in and I use the Neutrogena ultra
 sheer liquid an SPF 70 alright this is super sheer goes on really nicely I
 just you know basically put a line a bit down my finger and that's as much
 as Indeed for my face for the nonce better all over a given nice thick
 coating I and then I let that dry and set up you are um someone really

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