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#1548: 642 813 exams The next one again
 Reporter:  manjammehta  |       Type:  defect
   Status:  new          |   Priority:  normal
Milestone:               |  Component:  build
  Version:  unknown      |   Severity:  normal
 Keywords:  642-813      |
 I Padres an what if I forgot again check it out I have to do is put
 question mark where the next component says hey man I want the IP address
 and inane in this format abed some the given an IP address 192168 not one
 to 0 that's not an IP address at the network address I'm going to go about
 1.1 skinny is a simple classy Cinema Score if forget what comes next is my
 question mark says again I want the IP subnet mask no-win this format now
 for do another question mark I get see are which stands for carriage
 return meaning hit and her I didn't get in there so that means that set
 the IP address appropriately I always show my work show run again we'll go
 in and show me what’ve configured says right here too exactly what I typed
 in from global Multitask interface cereals /urn the night at IP address
 192 168 11 and then [http://642-813dump.com/ 642-813] the summit mask 7 IP
 here let's go said an IP address on Pulaski to just clicked over to
 plaster till again maybe I forgot keep forgetting so I can’t dealers show
 run oh yeah its interface specify the interface in the IP address can let
 me go in said interface cereals /urn IP address 192 168 that 1.2 and her
 done want to see my work showrunning-config I decide to Tabitha completed
 for me and I can go and I can see okay and Padres set up so we should be
 overpaying at this point show interface cereals /urn shows us that is up
 line protocol is up layer winnower to a good and we set an IP address 192
 168 not one not two sup unless I messed up typing the Eyed Peas in we
 should be able to ping pilaster one paying 1922 168 1.1 and I've got a
 response a hundred percent I now have a layer 1 where to and with the IP's
 upset layer 3collectivity let's take a look at some other commands that we
 can use to check out bare fiber connectivity as well alright so we've used
 the show running configure reviews show interface is a couple others shell
 I P interface only show me interfaces with IP setup on and I statistics
 meaning Internet Protocol shows me I subnet mask couple other things that
 we will use later outgoing access lists which will talk about a little bit
 later as well as all IP information this cane helpful for monitoring
 troubleshooting traffic but it's notional tell us you know it's not
 critical for lettings know that the interface there one there to land 3ra
 but it does show us that is up land protocols up the IP.

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