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#1549: 642 813 exams Gets a little bit confusing
 Reporter:  manjammehta  |       Type:  defect
   Status:  new          |   Priority:  normal
Milestone:               |  Component:  build
  Version:  unknown      |   Severity:  normal
 Keywords:  642-813      |
 The people are going to use to access your device as telnet network
 connectivity must be up there by default needs to be password said on so
 that's another issue you can even tell Matt in without putting a password
 and that's another way that people tonnage in an access your device so
 they can access it through the console auxiliary port or Telnet so those
 are three different methods people can use to access your router each one
 of those methods must have a password set if people have physical access
 your device doesn't matter if there's a password set because they can
 easily bypass that let's go in and take look at configuring the passwords
 on this device of somebody does gain access they're going to have to enter
 password get into any important modes and this is the more they're going
 to wanton get into I'm in privileged mode right now in the
 [http://642-813dump.com/ 642-813] router prop that are brought up I know
 I'm and privilege mode because there’s a pound sign here sup if I were to
 exit out right now it shows man connected through consoles 0 it's
 available I hit enter and I'm automatically in user mode now in use Armada
 can't make any configuration changes to the router but I can go in and
 view the configuration on the router when I need to do is set it up to
 where if some is even get to user mode they’ve got an hour a password sup
 an earned privilege mild next going to global mobile to confspace TCA man
 and now I need to go in and enter password outlying consuls Iraq has
 console as the 1 I'm connecting to there's only one starts with the number
 0 so I type in line console 0 and hit enter now I have to configure
 password attack password Cisco so anyone tries enter this router and get
 abuse ammo they're going to have to remember that the password a Cisco
 when they plug into consuls era now I’d probably use a more secure
 password as Cisco is not too tough to figure out however let's take a look
 at that password well tested exit all the way out and for some reason I'm
 thinking I'm not going to get prompted for a password I hit Enter I did
 not get prompted for password my hunch was right the reason.

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