[Varnish] #1675: Condition((vbc->in_waiter) != 0) not true.

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Fri May 15 18:08:51 CEST 2015

#1675: Condition((vbc->in_waiter) != 0) not true.
 Reporter:  zaterio@…             |       Owner:  phk
     Type:  defect                |      Status:  needinfo
 Priority:  normal                |   Milestone:  Varnish 4.0 release
Component:  varnishd              |     Version:  trunk
 Severity:  normal                |  Resolution:
 Keywords:  in_waiter tcp_handle  |

Comment (by zaterio@…):

 And now with '''epoll waiter''':

 very unstable, two minutes of uptime.

 new panic:

 varnishadm panic.show
 Last panic at: Fri, 15 May 2015 16:03:23 GMT
 Assert error in vwe_inject(), waiter/cache_waiter_epoll.c line 76:
   Condition((epoll_ctl(vwe->epfd, 1, wp->fd, &ev)) == 0) not true.
 errno = 17 (File exists)
 thread = (cache-epoll)
 version = varnish-trunk revision ade0db0
 ident =
   0x4331f4: pan_ic+0x134
   0x46365a: vwe_inject+0x9a
   0x463331: Wait_Handle+0x171
   0x4639e7: vwe_thread+0x147
   0x7f954fe30b50: libpthread.so.0(+0x6b50) [0x7f954fe30b50]
   0x7f954fb7a95d: libc.so.6(clone+0x6d) [0x7f954fb7a95d]

 varnishd -V
 varnishd (varnish-trunk revision ade0db0)
 Copyright (c) 2006 Verdens Gang AS
 Copyright (c) 2006-2015 Varnish Software AS

 varnishadm param.show
 acceptor_sleep_decay       0.9 (default)
 acceptor_sleep_incr        0.001 [seconds] (default)
 acceptor_sleep_max         0.050 [seconds] (default)
 auto_restart               on [bool] (default)
 ban_dups                   on [bool] (default)
 ban_lurker_age             60.000 [seconds] (default)
 ban_lurker_batch           1000 (default)
 ban_lurker_sleep           0.010 [seconds] (default)
 between_bytes_timeout      60.000 [seconds] (default)
 busyobj_worker_cache       off [bool] (default)
 cc_command                 "exec gcc -std=gnu99 -g -O2 -Wall -Werror -Wno-
 error=unused-result -pthread -fpic -shared -Wl,-x -o %o %s" (default)
 cli_buffer                 32k [bytes]
 cli_limit                  96k [bytes]
 cli_timeout                25.000 [seconds]
 clock_skew                 10 [seconds] (default)
 connect_timeout            3.500 [seconds] (default)
 critbit_cooloff            180.000 [seconds] (default)
 debug                      none (default)
 default_grace              10.000 [seconds] (default)
 default_keep               0.000 [seconds] (default)
 default_ttl                120.000 [seconds] (default)
 feature                    none (default)
 fetch_chunksize            16k [bytes] (default)
 fetch_maxchunksize         0.25G [bytes] (default)
 first_byte_timeout         60.000 [seconds] (default)
 gzip_buffer                32k [bytes] (default)
 gzip_level                 6 (default)
 gzip_memlevel              8 (default)
 http_gzip_support          off [bool]
 http_max_hdr               64 [header lines] (default)
 http_range_support         on [bool] (default)
 http_req_hdr_len           8k [bytes] (default)
 http_req_size              32k [bytes] (default)
 http_resp_hdr_len          8k [bytes] (default)
 http_resp_size             32k [bytes] (default)
 idle_send_timeout          60.000 [seconds] (default)
 listen_depth               8192 [connections]
 lru_interval               2.000 [seconds] (default)
 max_esi_depth              5 [levels] (default)
 max_restarts               4 [restarts] (default)
 max_retries                4 [retries] (default)
 nuke_limit                 50 [allocations] (default)
 pcre_match_limit           10000 (default)
 pcre_match_limit_recursion 10000 (default)
 ping_interval              3 [seconds] (default)
 pipe_timeout               60.000 [seconds] (default)
 pool_req                   10,100,10 (default)
 pool_sess                  10,100,10 (default)
 pool_vbo                   10,100,10 (default)
 prefer_ipv6                off [bool] (default)
 rush_exponent              3 [requests per request] (default)
 send_timeout               5000.000 [seconds]
 session_max                100000 [sessions] (default)
 shm_reclen                 255b [bytes] (default)
 shortlived                 10.000 [seconds] (default)
 sigsegv_handler            off [bool] (default)
 syslog_cli_traffic         on [bool] (default)
 tcp_keepalive_intvl        75.000 [seconds] (default)
 tcp_keepalive_probes       9 [probes] (default)
 tcp_keepalive_time         600.000 [seconds]
 thread_pool_add_delay      2.000 [seconds]
 thread_pool_destroy_delay  1.000 [seconds] (default)
 thread_pool_fail_delay     0.200 [seconds] (default)
 thread_pool_max            3000 [threads]
 thread_pool_min            500 [threads]
 thread_pool_stack          48k [bytes] (default)
 thread_pool_timeout        300.000 [seconds] (default)
 thread_pools               2 [pools] (default)
 thread_queue_limit         20 (default)
 thread_stats_rate          10 [requests] (default)
 timeout_idle               5.000 [seconds] (default)
 timeout_linger             0.050 [seconds] (default)
 vcc_allow_inline_c         off [bool] (default)
 vcc_err_unref              on [bool] (default)
 vcc_unsafe_path            on [bool] (default)
 vcl_cooldown               600.000 [seconds] (default)
 vcl_dir                    /usr/local/varnish-trunk-ade0db/etc/varnish
 vmod_dir                   /usr/local/varnish-trunk-
 ade0db/lib/varnish/vmods (default)
 vsl_buffer                 4k [bytes] (default)
 vsl_mask                   -VCL_trace,-WorkThread,-Hash,-VfpAcct (default)
 vsl_reclen                 255b [bytes] (default)
 vsl_space                  80M [bytes] (default)
 vsm_space                  1M [bytes] (default)
 waiter                     epoll (possible values: epoll, poll) (default)
 workspace_backend          64k [bytes] (default)
 workspace_client           64k [bytes] (default)
 workspace_session          1M [bytes]
 workspace_thread           2k [bytes] (default)

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