[master] 7da6220df Assert

Dridi Boukelmoune dridi at varni.sh
Mon Dec 16 13:26:35 UTC 2019

On Mon, Dec 16, 2019 at 1:05 PM Nils Goroll <nils.goroll at uplex.de> wrote:
> my thinking was that two WS_Asserts were overkill and I think a
> CHECK_OBJ_NOTNULL would actually make more sense.

I think checking we should check have a valid workspace before we
start fiddling with it, and then check that we left a valid workspace
once we're done.

This is what most functions do, and I happen to see that WS_ReserveAll
missed that step, I don't see a point arguing further :-/

It's not like the sanity check has a huge cost.


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