[master] 3ad673f2b Document vmod_std changes

Nils Goroll nils.goroll at uplex.de
Mon Mar 4 13:30:09 UTC 2019

commit 3ad673f2b67590014127e78f6d826363607532ec
Author: Nils Goroll <nils.goroll at uplex.de>
Date:   Mon Mar 4 14:27:36 2019 +0100

    Document vmod_std changes
    Ref #2899

diff --git a/doc/sphinx/whats-new/changes-trunk.rst b/doc/sphinx/whats-new/changes-trunk.rst
index 521427c37..050483955 100644
--- a/doc/sphinx/whats-new/changes-trunk.rst
+++ b/doc/sphinx/whats-new/changes-trunk.rst
@@ -88,6 +88,32 @@ VMODs
 Added the function :ref:`vmod_directors.lookup`, only for use in
 ``vcl_init`` or ``vcl_fini``.
+The type-conversion functions in :ref:`vmod_std(3)` have been reworked
+to make them more flexible and easier to use:
+:ref:`vmod_std.duration`, :ref:`vmod_std.bytes`,
+:ref:`vmod_std.integer`, :ref:`vmod_std.real` and :ref:`vmod_std.time`
+now also accept suitable numeral or quantitative arguments.
+These type-conversion functions should be fully backwards compatible,
+but the following differences should be noted:
+* The *fallback* is not required and more. A conversion failure in the
+  absense of a *fallback* argument will now trigger a VCL failure.
+* A VCL failure will also be triggered if no or more than one argument
+  (plus optional *fallback*) is given.
+* Conversion functions now only ever truncate if necessary (instead of
+  rounding).
+* :ref:`vmod_std.round` has been added for explicit rounding.
+The functions :ref:`vmod_std.real2integer`, :ref:`vmod_std.real2time`,
+:ref:`vmod_std.time2integer` and :ref:`vmod_std.time2real` are
+superseded by these changed and should thus be replaced by the above
+mentioned conversion functions. They will be removed in a future
+version of Varnish.
 varnishlog(1), varnishncsa(1) and vsl(7)

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