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> - Portability: mostly the following issues:
>     - printf() extensions

These are now only used in the vcl compiler which defines the %T
extension.  This should hopefully work fine with GNU libc as well.

>     - srandomdev()

Any good seed is acceptable.  It's just to avoid the XID starting
from zero every time (for any value of zero).

>     - <md5.h>

I've been thinking of using a more lightweight hash anyway.

>     - strptime()

This can be unrolled at some expense in source code.

>     - vis() / strvis()

This is used in varnishlog to make sure that Debug records don't
trash the screen with binary stuff which might leak through.  Again,
that can be unrolled.

> - Documentation: for the Alpha release, all we need are installation
>   instructions and a quick "getting started" guide.  Both are at
>   least partly written already.

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