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Tue Aug 8 18:01:45 CEST 2006

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>Varnish now runs on Linux, with one known issue.  When Varnish starts,
>open_tcp() tries to bind and listen to four addresses:
> - [::1]:80
> -
> - [::]:80
> -

The reason for all this is that we talked about being able
to prime the varnish from a local perl-script and therefore
we wanted to listen to localhost before we listen from
the net as such.

A much easier way to do that would be to listen to port 81
first and then port 80 when we go public.

The other half of this is that we both overlooked that there
is no "unlisten" call and no way, short of closing the socket
to get that effect.

So with this bit if wisdom in our hats, how do we want
varnish to behave ?

Should we just listen to *:80 and be done with it ?

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