Varnish on Linux

Anders Berg andersb at
Tue Aug 8 18:24:34 CEST 2006

> In message <ujr4pwn6yi3.fsf at>, Dag-Erling
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> v?= writes:
>>Varnish now runs on Linux, with one known issue.  When Varnish starts,
>>open_tcp() tries to bind and listen to four addresses:
>> - [::1]:80
>> -
>> - [::]:80
>> -
> The reason for all this is that we talked about being able
> to prime the varnish from a local perl-script and therefore
> we wanted to listen to localhost before we listen from
> the net as such.
> A much easier way to do that would be to listen to port 81
> first and then port 80 when we go public.
> The other half of this is that we both overlooked that there
> is no "unlisten" call and no way, short of closing the socket
> to get that effect.
> So with this bit if wisdom in our hats, how do we want
> varnish to behave ?
> Should we just listen to *:80 and be done with it ?

For now that is okay with me. We are not gonna add priming in v 1.0 anyway
are we? So I suggest we rewrite that part later, when/if we add priming.

Anders Berg

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