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Anders Berg andersb at
Thu Aug 10 22:01:32 CEST 2006

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> Berg"
> writes:
>>All the Squid's behave the same... Oter's mom actually gets this problem
>>all time and she has Firefox :)
> There is a browser setting for how often the browser checks it's
> local cache, from memory I think you can select
> 	once per session
> 	every time
> 	never
> or something like it.
> Could you try to see if that has anything to do with it ?

Mine, Jo Christian's (oter), Geir Terje Ruud (Newseditor) and Live Bente
(frontpage worker at VG) browser's haven't changed settings, this problem
is "new" in a sense that I first encountered it a week ago and thought at
first that something was amiss at my own PC (windows works in mystrious
ways), and I have had it a couple of times since. Just now I learned that
we have been receiving mails about this, and the abovementioned crew have
all experienced it. I could try to find a more specific date of first time
occurence if that would help.

I suspect Varnish for some reason, since this has become "more of a
problem" the last days and it topped today, this can be seen related to
weight 10 in my mind.

Anders Berg

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