Anders Berg andersb at
Fri Jul 21 15:41:29 CEST 2006


it's time to agree on some dates. I will try to follow what DES and  
PHK wrote earlier.

**** PHK ****
Mid July (phk and/or des)
	Ad-Hoc supervised low-volume production at VGNETT

	Anders need to set the Alteon to a very low setting,
	but otherwise his involvement is not required.

	Alpha release.

**** /PHK ****

We have passed this stage, and it is still not sane to release a Alpha.

**** PHK ****
Late July (phk, anders & des)
	Coordinated supervised high-volume production at VGNETT

	Same formula as last time, only I stay in Denmark and
	we restrict to one day.

	Beta release.

**** /PHK ****

We are in this stage now, and _maybe_ endcode will be alpha material.
No changes otherwise. We keep testing Varnish in our envionment and  
at 100 Mbit/s traffic.
PHK is coding alot, doing changes all over the design, and getting  
better and better performance at the same time. We are getting great  
value of realtime/world traffic. We are "forced" to throw in some  
work on VCL because of purging.
DES is starting to work on doc's together with a new "member", Stig.
We can try to agree on a alpha released around 30. july when this  
"testingperiod" is considered stable enuff for it.

**** PHK ****
Early August
	Unsupervised low-volume production at VGETT
	Unsupervised high-volume production at VGETT

	Anders makes the call on this one.

**** /PHK ****

I wanna micro this a bit more for my own part, since Aug is gonna be  
busy for me.

First week (31-4) : PHK cleanes code and codes at will. DES and Stig  
continue their work at need. I will be of assistance and work on  
Second week (7-11) : We use this week to run unsupervised live on VG  
Nett, PHK does this at will. I am busy with network work at VG, but  
can be involved at need.
Third week (14-18) : This week I will be busy installing SAN at VG. I  
will also get Gig equipment and try to install if possible. PHK  
cleans up after test.
Week 4 (21-26) : I am getting married and will be totaly off-line.  
Nothing planned, but maybe Gig test if equipment is installed. Is  
this a good time for DES to start Linux port? PHK finishes cleanups  
and starts working on VCL and tools/admin.
Week 5 (28-1) : Nothing planned. DES should have started Linux port.  
I have to get some work done I guess.

**** PHK ****

	Release 1.0

**** /PHK ****

Yes, we are gonne try release v 1.0 in sept. The 3 first weeks we are  
gonna work on docs/port/website/VCL/tools/admin/polishing.
Week 3 (11-15) : I am unavailable because I am in the middle of  
Finnmark hunting for small flying creatures.
Week 4 (18-22) : We start to wrap things up, release v 1.0 should be  
done this week and website should be 100%.
Week 5 (25-29) : We do the official release with press and  
releaseparty. :) I am gonna suggest that we invite loads of people to  
VG: Press, Admins (large sites in norway and sweden) and show the  
actual switch from Squid to Varnish in realtime on a big-screen, and  
hold a pressconference This should make an impression :) After that  
we party :)

This is just my suggestion. How does this sound/look?

Anders Berg

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