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Fri Jul 21 14:08:38 CEST 2006

On Jul 21, 2006, at 12:44, Stig Sandbeck Mathisen wrote:

> I have re-made some of the illustrations from the Varnish presentation
> and added those to the repo.  If you'd like more illustrations, I can
> make those, but I'd need to know what would be useful.

Hi Stig, and welcome :)

I have already done some of the work you mention, or at least started  
on them.

> Illustrations can help people understand Varnish from different
> perspectives.  I was thinking of a few illustrations on each of the
> following:
> * Technology perspective - illustrations that describe the logic, or
>   the flow of internal traffic.  What happens to a request.

This one is not correct, since it was a drat to get some  
undertstanding of how Varnish behaves.

> * Sysadmin perspective - illustrations that describe how Varnish
>   behaves on the server(s) it is installed on.
> * Network perspective - illustrations that describe how Varnish
>   interacts with the world around it.

> Of course, there is some overlapping here...
> And then we have:
> * Security perspective?  (service availability is "security")
> * Perspective of enterprise level buzzword compliance - Leveraging the
>   potential of dedicated open-source well-modulated horizontal
>   architecture to enable quality-focused control over mission critical
>   business-enabled infrastructure elements. Or someting. :D

The design of the webpage is currently at:
I have the original Illustrator graphics for the logo. We also have a  
smaller logo that fits better on the bottom of a doc/page.
Think of it as the bottom right logo on this page: http:// 
20060314/30091062/VarnishLogo01-0001.jpg but designed in the spirit  
of the main logo now.

I suggest that the docs, when parsed by a DocBook->HTML or DocBook- 
 >PDF script will end up with a design that reflects the website design.


Anders Berg

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