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Sun Jul 23 01:40:19 CEST 2006

> "Anders Berg" <andersb at> writes:
>> I have done some editing on the webpage with adding and deleting on the
>> structure:
> OK, let's try to have the static site running on by
> the end of the month.

That's a simple copy job. A bit worse if you mean that all the content
should be done :) I was thinking of registering a domain this week, we
talked about some at one stage or another, I am gonna check their
awailability. Also we need to find a small CMS system for the website.
Open for suggestions, remember this may also have to live on server at
Linpro, and the forum software.

>> I have also added a forum with some Categories to see how it would work
>> out. When I spoke with Stein on the phone last week we agreed that a
>> forum
>> might be the right way to interact with users, and keep the mailinglist
>> for the developers and "power-users".
> I don't like web forums; I find them an extremely inefficient form of
> communication.  I don't mind having them...  as long as nobody expects
> me to participate in them.

Okay, I understand what, and why, you and Poul-Henning hold against
forums. As developers, mailinglists are the best way to communicate. The
situation is a bit different for many possible users. I see 2 ways to
solve this for the benefit of both groups.

1. Forum sends daily digestes to mailinggroup, or for each post. (may have
to be developed, but one can use a "subscribe" to each forum I think).
2. We get a good community going, and appropriate moderators in the forum.
They again gather the stuff that needs to go to the dev group, and post
it. They also function as FAQ updaters. This can be done in many ways.

Any thoughts on this?

Anders Berg

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